On February 1, 1979, Aurora moved to Noordwijk, South Holland to work at the European Space Research and Technology Center, the research and development branch of the European Space Agency. Her decision to move to a different country and live as a Muggle had less to do with the escalating war in her home country and more to do with her personal career goals, but she couldn’t help hoping that by the time her work brought her back to England, it would be a much safer place.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy? —Oscar Wilde  (via universal-wanderer)

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Vesper Selwyn came from a long line of Purebloods who claimed purity without repute. There was little else that one could be when a member of the Sacred Twenty Eight families. Although she always believed in personal achievement over blood status and she was never told otherwise, Vesper couldn’t avoid taking in some of the things her father muttered under his breath as he read the paper or the delicate way her mother avoided conversation with certain people. She wasn’t taught to hate Muggleborns, but everyone knew that there was something… different. Lesser. There were some exceptions, of course, but they just weren’t the same in general.

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Aurora’s NEWTs Scores

Transfiguration- E
Potions- O
Herbology- O
Defense Against the Dark Arts- E
Arithmancy- O
Astronomy- O


In some ways, Aurora felt guilty for choosing to spend her last night at Hogwarts in the Astronomy Tower over spending her last night with her friends or the boyfriend. But the Astronomy Tower had always been her place, and it was a place that she didn’t think she could return to. She spent the night sitting there, looking at the view she had come to love over the past seven years. If anyone else wandered in and out of the tower over the course of the night, they didn’t register with her as she was too busy enjoying her last few hours in the castle. 


Aurora’s signature looks like this:


also known as haley spent years of her life making this pos so bitchez best recognize


Aurora never gave her wand much thought. She loved it in the way that you love your family, taking for granted that it would always love you and provide for you and simply become an extension of yourself without truly being part of you. Cedar, 9 and ¾ inches with a unicorn hair core, surprisingly inflexible meant no more to her than the fact that she had dark hair and brown eyes. Never being much of a dueler, Aurora mostly used her wand for minor, everyday things that she was sure anyone’s wand would have performed well in. It was only during the Battle of Hogwarts that she came to truly appreciate the power that her wand held, responding to her every whim as she protected the castle from the people who had hurt her family and now threatened everything she cared about. It reacted with the same fierceness she felt, shocking anyone who had the chance to catch sight of her dueling in between their own battles. Afterwards, however, she had the odd feeling her wand was just as content as she was to go back to casting regular spells. 


Although she can’t put her finger on precisely why, Aurora has always loved winter and snow in particular. It doesn’t make much sense, as the snow blocks her gaze of the stars and generally makes sitting in the Astronomy Tower more than slightly miserable. But for whatever reason, there is nothing she enjoys more than watching snow fall and cover the grounds in blankets of white. 

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Aurora hates anything pumpkin flavored. Whether pumpkin pasties or pumpkin juice or pumpkin pie, there is no other flavor that she hates more. This makes things rather difficult around Halloween, but luckily, she does mind the smell in the slightest, just the taste. 

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Aurora, as pleasant and polite as she normally is, can be a force to be reckoned with when she’s angry. It takes a lot to set her off as she is generally mild mannered, when she’s under a lot of stress, she’s been known to snap. Those who know her well typically know how to recognize the signs and know to hand her some hot chocolate and let her be alone for a while in order to avoid setting off her wrath.